Summit Co-Creation Committee

The Summit Co-Creation Committee is an amazing student committee that helps to create a Summit experience that reflects student values, goals and energy.  We'd love you to meet our team members! 

Bianca Cisternino has been an advocate for marine conservation efforts and food sustainability through engagement of the local community. Bianca has coordinated various initiatives that pertain to food insecurity and social injustice. She is currently a student at the University of Guelph studying Marine and Freshwater Biology. Bianca has been spending her undergrad volunteering and caring for marine invertebrate species and investigating how climate change will impact marine animal development. She has spent two weeks performing research on the conservation efforts in Costa Rica. Bianca is also the Volunteer and Donations Coordinator for the university’s Meal Exchange team and aspires to continue to learn and create positive change for environmental and food sustainability.

Celia Lou

Celia Luo is a dietitian nutritionist in training, studying at Mount Saint Vincent University in Atlantic Canada. Celia is passionate about promoting the health of the planet, our people and community with the universal language called "food". Celia has worked and volunteered with MSVU's Meal Exchange Chapter, community gardens, urban farm, small local business and community food initiatives to promote food justice, food sovereignty and food security in the grassroots level. Celia is enthusiastic in promoting the Sustainable Development Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production and Celia is interested in using the community garden and urban agriculture as a tool to help people to bring back their recently forgotten connection with food, eat better and greener, and increase food security in cities.


Daniela Spagnuolo recently completed her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Toronto Scarborough and will begin studying towards her Master’s in Public Policy and Administration in the fall. Daniela‘s interests include the politics of urban food systems, the development of national food policy, and how retailers contribute to food waste. She served as the Chair of TEDxUTSC 2017 and has extensive experience in community engagement and organization of large-scale initiatives. Daniela has assisted with major food research projects including most recently the Food Systems Lab, a Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation-funded social innovation lab seeking to develop policy solutions for food waste in Toronto.

Diana Yoon is a determined and engaged recent graduate from Queen’s University, with a BA (Honours) in Human Geography and Environmental Studies. She is passionate about promoting equity, community development, and environmental sustainability, with a particular focus in sustainable food systems and systems change. During her undergraduate degree, Diana worked with various food stakeholders such as Kingston non-profit Loving Spoonful, the Queen’s Sustainability Office, and with Meal Exchange as the initial Queen’s Real Food Challenge co-coordinator. Additionally, she was the Chair for Queen’s Backing Action on Climate Change, the Board President of the Kingston Student Housing Co-operative, and the Deputy Commissioner of Environmental Affairs in the Alma Mater Society (AMS) and hopes to use her experience in student leadership, environmental advocacy, and activism to inspire and empower students to make change on their campuses. 

Hannah Chan - Headshot.jpg

Hannah Chan had her interested in food sparked at an early age, through hours spent in her grandmother’s kitchen, helping her cook and listening to the stories behind the food customs that infuse into every part of our cultural heritage. As an undergraduate Human Nutritional Sciences student at the University of Manitoba, Hannah's keen interest in how all aspects of multi-level food systems and food environments affect the nutritional health of individuals and communities led to her role as the UManitoba Campus Food Strategy Group co-coordinator. Through various student-led projects and engagement activities, Hannah is passionate about connecting stakeholders in the university community, and leveraging the collective energy and creativity of students, to build a more safe, just, healthy, and sustainable campus food system. In her spare time, Hannah is an avid pianist, baker, and long-distance runner.

Jaida Regan is completing her Masters in Geography at the University of Guelph. Her current research focus is on the dynamics of food waste on Canadian university campuses. Previously, she completed a Combined Honours in Environment, Sustainability, and Society and Political Science with a minor in German at Dalhousie University. Working with the Dalhousie Student Union and Meal Exchange really made Jaida realize how passionate she is about food systems. Jaida is usually spending her time on projects related to education, food politics, and social justice. She is interested in the state of Canada's food system and is eager to be a part of an innovative solution. 


Rosey Li is passionate about food and nutrition, and aspires to combine her skills and her passion to create a positive change in the way we engage with food. She is currently a project manager at Sapient and holds a Bachelor's of Commerce from the Smith School of Business at Queen's University. Rosey also has extensive experience in conference planning and web/graphic design for non-for-profits. When she's not drooling over Instagram food pictures or working on something, Rosey enjoys weightlifting, cycling, pratiquer le français, and brunch.



Tess Pooran is a food justice activist whose work has focused on racial and gender justice. Tess is a coordinator at The Loaded Ladle, a food justice cooperative that advocates for just and accessible food on campus. Tess is a M.A. Candidate at Saint Mary's University studying International Development with a focus on labour rights and cooperative relationships. She is committed to building collaborative movements, intersectional solidarity, decolonization and just food for all.